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Favignana, Sicily

June 5-8 2019 (Rocket Workshop)

This retreat is truly magical, set on the beautiful island of Favignana, just off the coast of Sicily. This island is full energy and natural beautify it is the perfect place to enjoy the sun, sea, yoga and delicious Sicilian cuisine.

We think that everyone deserves a moment to themselves in order to regain the balance between their inner teacher and their inner critic. Take time to listen to yourself, get stronger and fresher in order to face the future with new strength.

Daily Schedule

In the morning 

We will start with a breath of fresh air, a smooth yoga practice for a soft awakening over looking the sea, followed by a classic Italian breakfast with coffee, cakes, fruit in the garden.

The afternoon

The afternoon is free. You can explore the islands by bike, visiting the many picturesque beaches, you could visit the town, or you can stay at the Residence and relax, taking advantage of the private beach, facing the largest Marine Protected area of the Mediterranean. You also have the option to go scuba diving with the nearby diving school or go visit the gorgeous island of Marettimo.

The evening

We will finish the day with an invigorating practice at sunset followed by dinner together in the gorgeous garden. After dinner, if you have energy, you can go visit the village, which is particularly lively during the summer.

Pochtenalp, Switzerland

Dates TBA

See you on the mountain!

This is the purpose of a Yoga Retreat: allowing ourselves to create space between our thoughts, shifting the gaze inward to re-center and re-balance our lives.

It’s Yoga Firenze organizes a yoga retreat at Pochtenalp, Kiental in the Berna Canton in Switzerland, surrounded by the beauty, the light and the silence of the majestic mountains.

We will be staying at Waldrand-Pochtenalp Hotel, run by the adorable Bruno and Mariekien’s family, happy to welcome us with their smile.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

TBA December 2019

Join us on our last retreat for the year, escaping the impending winter arrival and enjoying the sun and sea. On this retreat, we will spend the mornings in the ocean on the board, and the evenings practicing yoga on the mat!

We believe in nourishing and balancing the body and mind through a daily diet of vitalizing yoga, serene surf and wholesome food within a tranquil environment. Our friendly, highly experienced team will help you develop your own yoga practice, take you surfing in perfect waves – and create the perfect retreat.

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